Dear Friends,

Many of you know the founding story of our band. Antonio and I met in a folk music club at University of Connecticut that, through a series of misunderstandings, was mistaken for a band and given an offer to play a show at Toad’s Place, the legendary Connecticut rock club. On short notice, we quickly chose a band name from the lyrics of a Texas prison work song, “Ain’t No More Cane.” This song was on our very first set list that night, and we still perform it at many of our shows.

With no idea of how this band might come to grow, we began promoting the name across Connecticut, then New England, and eventually the country. With hard work, plenty of luck, and the support of all of you, today we are inexplicably able to call this our career. We have to pinch ourselves every day to remind ourselves how lucky we are that we get to perform our music each night.

It has been brought to our attention that our name could be perceived as associated with an antiquated, derogatory term for someone that is looked down upon, e.g. “shoeshine boy.” This was certainly never our intention when choosing our name; we saw it as a reference to a music tradition, both old and new, that we learned from. Leadbelly, Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Low Anthem, and The Wood Brothers are just a few bands that have recorded this song. These are the people who inspired us to pick up banjos, mandolins, and pump organs in the first place.

With that said, we feel that our current name has become a distraction from the music that we love to make. We want to focus on our work as artists, not a (hastily chosen) name. Therefore, effective July 12th, 2014 at The Green River Festival in Greenfield, MA, we will be called Parsonsfield. Our new name is chosen in reference to the beautiful, rural town where we recorded our first album, and where we became truly the band we are today.

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about this change. Our music and our mission as a band remains unchanged, and we hope you stick with us on our journey to bring our music to new corners of the country, and the world.

Rock On,